About Us

It is to say that all documents, writings, ideas, media production and researches displayed on this website were possible thanks to the independant and passionate work of the authors. We’ worked out and produced this websitecontent free of financial support.

We’ve put together our combined experiences and competencies to convey this project to the attention of anyone interested in the matter.

We believe in a possible more harmonious future through awarness and positivecollaboration. Today new technologies and Internet worldwide communicationsallow us to share and contribute without borders. As we strive to bring culturaland ethnic differences together, we hope that mother Nature would still be akind and friendly home for future generation.

Séverine WATTEZSeverine Wattez - born in Roubaix (F) 1974, with Italian origins - studied philosophy, Computer Information Systems & languages. She is a literature author, writer, researcher and a web wizard.  Passionate about New Technologies for environmental and ecology applications. She is focussed on international multilingual communications to serve present and future enterprises endeavors without borders. Severine is also a good wanderer in new and unexplored human paths, as a 'Pataphysician: "I readily endeavour to think of things of which I think others will not think about." (R. de Flers, La Belle Aventure).

Ray SabbahRay Sabbah - born in Paris (F) 1954 - studied philosophy, music, architecture and media communication. He is a writer, author and documentary producer. Ray spent most of his life traveling the five continents with emphasis on Africa. Canadian citizen with Lebanese/Armenian origin, he has an extensive knowledge and solid multicultural background (and langu ages). Focused and passionate about environmental issues and new technologies, he participated in numerous documentary productions in North America and collaborated with NGOs for development in Africa. From his present base in Dubai - UAE - he recently directed and produced three documentaries taking place in Algeria, Uzbekistan and the Comoros Islands. Ray is also a seasoned sailor and drone pilot for aerial photography.